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I've heard enough people ask me about CZ's 912, so that upon first chance my brother and I both picked one up for a test drive and possibly to work them into our lineup of waterfowl shotguns.
The 912 is essentially the same gun as the 712 with the recoil spring in the stock and some new, desperately needed lines. A gas operated Turkish, 2.75 and 3" autoloading shotgun.
I own a small firearms manufacturing company... I believe that makes me qualified to make a comprehensive review of a firearm product...(which I almost never have).
I own 31 shotguns, now 32... including the 912.
From new england pardner pumps to montifeltro's and citoris.... and nothing drives me more nuts than an overpriced automatic 12g. That misfeeds when you need it the most.
The gun arrived in a blue box, lightweight foreign cardboard that instilled no confidence whatsoever.
As I opened it though, I was relieved to see that the gun, broken into two parts was each sleeved in purple velvet.... reminding me of crown royal.
The stock is a semigloss finish walnut with 2 knots in the grain, nowhere near any edges, and both smaller than a dime.
All in all, better than expected. I would rate bit better than my sx3 wood, but lesser than my benelli.
The shotgun assembled perfectly, with a bit of undercut showing at the base of the forearm where it fits into the receiver.
Impressive to see 5 chokes..... but are they trash?
When going over the firearm, aesthetics are rated an 8.5 of 10. As good as any Remington I've owned.
Its light, the rib on the barrel is wide, but not bulky, and it feels easy to point. The fiber optic front sight is a bit homely, but proved to be exceptional in practice.
Internal machining is of good overall design, with minimal chattering of the tools,however more could have been done to clean up some of the tooling marks in the barrel extension.

testing started using a pair of low brass, followed by a 3" magnum.
In my opinion this is the hardest test for feeding... if Walmart low brass bulk will cycle in a 3" nitro steel, you're likely to be in good shape. It worked fine. 3 times...
Then onto point of impact testing... #6 low brass at 10, 20,and ,30 yards.
At 10yards, the wad blew a hole in the bullseye, and the pattern with the modified choke was less than 6".
At 20, the patterns were consistently averaging about 3" high..
30 yard patterns showed no room for a quail to sneak through, let alone a duck.
Next was 45 yards with black cloud HV, 3", 1¹/8oz. 3 shot At a 12" white circle. 44 hits
Very impressive.... in fact, at this time I had to go inside to get my 1187 supermag waterfowl and compare.... I was averaging only 26 hits with it.
Over the course of the evening, I shot 118 rounds of ammo through the shotgun without the slightest hiccup.
Looks better than price suggests
Quality construction is better than price suggests
Comes with 5 chokes.... that actually work
Point of aim/point of impact is EXCELLENT

only available on a 28" barrel....
Synthetic stocks available are total trash, so its pretty much gotta be a walnut gun
Finish on receiver... looks great now, solid and durable, but in 3 years?
Packaging is flimsy, so I bet a lot are damaged in shipping
I'm overly impressed with how well it swings, how light and narrow it feels, and how well it handles.
I honestly feel its the best autoloading shotgun on the american market with a retail price tag under $750... and if comes in way under that mark at a mere $529.00
Street prices are as low as $499.00
I'm really impressed so far.
If you're thinking about an autoloader and don't check one of these out, you could be missing something great.
Cz is one of the best secrets in the firearms industry.
Ill have 500 rounds through it before the first of October, so if it has a hiccup, I'll repost and edit the review.


She doesn't know, but I just ordered a 920 for the wife!
Forgive the cellphone dialect... its terrible to type on this thing.

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I picked up a new 912 a couple weeks ago and plan on getting it out to the range a couple times this week. I'll post my review here soon.

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Well... Day one is in the books and, overall, I'm impressed. I did not do a thorough cleaning before the break in because I wanted to see how it would handle the "abuse" of the 1st day. In a short time (about 30 minutes) I ran 100, 1 1/8 oz, 7.5 shot target loads through her. I shot 25 and let it cool, another 35 or so and let it cool, and then the final 40. Recoil was average with a hotter load however the butt pad did an excellent job absorbing the abuse. I had one FTF and it was shot #100. At this point in the break-in I was really playing around with getting a feel for the reset point of the trigger so I feel like the FTF might have been more my fault than the gun's. Either way, one FTF during the break-in, taking into consideration the fact that the gun wasn't properly cleaned and lubed, is pretty good. By the way, I thought the trigger was excellent on this gun. Short, clean pull with a very short reset. Some might have a different opinion. I have a lot more experience with average pistol triggers and mil-spec AR triggers than hunting rifles or shotguns, but still, I thought it was very good. The overall fit and finish is average at best but expected for the low price tag. I only paid $525 for mine brand new so I wasn't expecting Krieghoff quality or anything. The stock looks decent but feels cheap. Also, it scratches very easily. One of the pictures that I will post a link to shows what I was easily able to do with my fingernail.

More reviews will be coming shortly.
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