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Over the years my father shot many a deer and quite a few elk. He kept a little book in an old army trunk full of hunting gear, which he would fill out after every successful hunt.
The most interesting entry of all was the first.
In 1940, Dad paid $80 for an old Model A Ford. One day he and a friend were driving down a wooded road (in Idaho where he lived,) and suddenly a deer darted across the road in front of them. Dad slammed on the brakes but, KERTHUMP! the car hit it and the deer disappeared. Dad got out to check for any damage, when he looked under the front of the Model A, there was the deer looking quite dead.
Dad's friend backed the Model A up and Dad grabbed the deer by the neck to cut its throat. Suddenly it regained consciousness and tried to jump to its feet. One leg was badly broken but with a burst of adrenaline it headed for the woods with my father hanging on to its neck, stabbing at its throat with the knife, and trying not to get kicked in the bargain. They were off of the road and in to the weeds when my father finally won the skirmish.
By the time he passed away a few years ago, the little book had many an entry, but none quite as exciting as the first.
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