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Danish Firearm Museum

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This is from a Museum in Copenhagen Denmark. I come across things like this now and then. Use the translation to navigate. Cayugad had mentioned he lived in Copenhagen. Firearm styles are a a bit different there. I kinda like the Rasmussen's revolving Naval percussion rifle. The Jaeger rifles and pistols are nice too. Some arms seem British influenced to me even though they are Germanic.

There is a Dragon musket marked 1833. I think they mean Dragoon.
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I never saw that museum while I lived there. Of course that was 35 years ago. Another shock was when I looked at the site, the amount of language skills I have lost. I could read a little of it, but not all of it. Its amazing what happens when you don't use a language for 35 years...

Cool guns though. Some of them are strange looking through.
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