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dead coyote loads and benelli M3

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Looking at getting a M3. I've been wanting one for awhile now. I would like to use it for coyotes.
I started using dead coyote ammo last year with much success. So I would like to continue.
My question is has anyone ever used Dead Coyotes in a M3?
What kind of yardage do you get?
Is this setup worth my time or should I stick with my old school 870?
I'm still getting a M3 but would like info on it.
Big Mike
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Sounds like a nice set up. As far as the ammo depends on how it will pattern out of the M3. I've used #4 shot while turkey hunting to dispatch a coyote at 25yds (broadside shot, full choke out of my SxS). Heard that #4 buck is prefered by coyote hunters. Good luck with your choice and hunting.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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