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Hello from Scotland

I now find my self in the situation of wether to hold off and wait for a Marlin .444 outfitter or to buy the second hand marlin .444 ss.

I chose the outfitter as i wanted a wood land Deer gun with peep sights , fast handling and handy in size.

Now ive found this second hand ss 22" micro groove barrel and pistol grip, which needs the stock stripped and refinished (no problem) And it is without doubt a bargin.

yet im now completely confused ? Will the 22" micro barrel like the 325 gn cast bullets i was planning to use in the  outfitter ?

Will i find my self regretting buying the ss ?

BUY both i here you say , well basically we are only allowed ONE gun of each calibre by the police.

Decisions, decisions, it was easier when i had only one choice !

Will let you know what happens- IF i ever make a decision !

Regards Englander
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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