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Marshell , I've had very good results with the grunt call on whitetails . It seems to work best during the rut thou . I have had more then one occasion when two bucks came up during ML season and I would shoot one reload and call the other back and kill him as well . Have also done it a few times when a buck and a doe came up , but you must shoot the doe first . The doe isn't gonna come back after she hears the gun go boom . But it seems the not to smart buck will .

I've also had some luck with the fawn call during early bow and ML seasons.

I just recently picked up a Sika Deer call and have thoughts of getting another by a different manufacturer. Do not know if they will work , but they sound very realistic . As I can make many of the sounds I have heard Sika make .
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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