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deer with a special spot

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I borrowed my brothers Remington 870 to try it out on the skeet range.I asked if he minded that i buy and put on a good tight choke for it.I was powdering clay pigions at far distances and so i used it the rest of the duck season as well.
After the season,I returned it to him choke and all.
The next deer season,he sat in one of my tree stands and shot a doe.He later called and said he was frustrated because the deer got away from his 50 yd shot.He kept saying"i know i got it good!" He never found it.I asked him if he had taken that choke out of the 870 and there was an awkward moment of silence.We laughed and knew what happened.No damage to the gun.
A month later,our mother is driving past that same field and hits and kills a doe exactly in front of that tree stand.A friend of mine who lives across the street from this field,called me to tell me of the situation,then asks if would help him butcher it.As we drag the deer out of the street,i notice a bubble on its shoulder.Like a healed over thing about the same size as a 12 ga.
My brother confirms his shot was the same side as the bubble.It took the whole dang family to take down that doe and we couldn't have done it without Mom!
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