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Here is a copy of an email I sent to Dell. Please do not buy their products if you are considering a new computer. They contribute a part of every sale to HCI.

Check the link at the bottom of message, it's a list of companies from HCI's website who help them with their "cause" -- namely the eradication of our second amendment rights.

Dear Dell,

Please pass this message on to upper mananement:

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but due to information I recently recieved regarding Dell contributing to Handgun Control Inc. (HCI), I will no longer personally recommend Dell computers or servers to anyone I know. I have sold a bunch of Dell's to various people via your website and am VERY dismayed that you have choosen to contribute to a cause that is NOT for Gun Control, but Gun ERADICATION.
 Until such time as Dell disassociates themselves with HCI, I cannot do business with you and intend to post this information on every firearms related website I know.
 Your blatant refusal to sell a Computer to Wiegand Combat Handguns after 11 Sept. 2002 was a blatant slam against the rights of law abiding Americans.

Contact me if this policy changes and I will be glad to start recommending Dell computers once again.

Art Armfield

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I do completely disagree with Dell, and there decision made twards our industry and the infringement upon our rights. However, I must point out that a part of EVERY sale Dell makes does NOT go to HCI, although you do see them listed in their web store- it's only a marketing tool.

What they call they're HCI store, is, in all reality links to other websites. They make their money through a company called LinkShare. Anyone can signup for an affiliate account, and Dell, just as every other company listed on their website is a part of LinkShare's marketing network, a smart move for any business.

HCI Just happends to have signed up as a promoter, a "profit sharing" person under LinkShare, so that everyone who goes to Dell's website, or that of any other company listed, and were referred by HCI, then a percentage of any purchases made by that visitor who started at the HCI website go to HCI.

LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

Featuring our patented technology, we provide all the tools and services merchants need to create, manage and optimize a successful affiliate marketing program.
Here's the URL from HCI's website to Dell:

Let's break this down: - The LinkShare redirect server
id=igUKI8kL62k - The client ID of HCI
offerid=10836 - The client ID of Dell
type=3&subid=0 - Misc Category Info

Now, this URL transparently redirects you to:
With CID=649 being an ID assigned by LinkShare for HCI, and DGVCode=LS being the code to let the server know that the referal came from LS. Read this quote from the HCI Website,
Connections to commercial websites must be made immediately from this links page for Handgun Control, Inc. to receive its share!
Now please realize that LinkShare is the middleman here, Dell does not comunicate directly with HCI in in this case.

I'm no trying to stick up for Dell, just wanting to make sure that everyone here understands the method behind this system. Even us here at Beartooth Bullets could become an Affiliate, and whenever anyone from here bought a Dell machine, we'd receiev money... hope this clarifies things.

Best Regards,

Alex Stanton

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Here is a copy/paste of Dell's latest mass release.  I know my wife's company allows their employees to contribute to whomever they choose without censorship, which I consider a good thing.  Looks to me like this is what Dell does and they do not desirve our anger.  I guess you'll just have to make up your own mind and do what you have to do to sleep well at night.  For me, I'm satisfied that Dell is not out to get us.  You know, sometimes mistakes happen and at least Dell admits that they screwed up BIG time.  And you really have to admire Jack, how many of us would have turned down a FREE computer, be honest?

Dear Valued Customers and Friends:
We appreciate the opportunity to clarify the facts regarding a customer
issue reported in the media and Dell's position on political or social
issues that many of you care deeply about.
Regarding Handgun Rights/Handgun Control....
Dell is a publicly-traded, customer-focused company with customers,
shareholders and employees on both sides of many public, social and
political issues. Our place is to serve our customers rather than to endorse
or support one position over another in public debates outside the scope of
our industry.
We do not discriminate against any business, regardless of the products or
services they sell, nor do we discriminate against individual customers. We
do, however, respect the right of any organization or individual to have
their own point of view. We follow all laws, rules and regulations.
Regarding allegations that Dell supports Handgun Control organizations
through the Dell Affiliates program...
Dell as a company remains neutral on handgun rights and handgun control.
Dell customers can support causes and organizations, if they choose, through
Dell's affiliates program and charitable websites such as and These sites feature links to Dell's website. Dell's
affiliates program provides a way for customers to support the cause or
organization of their choice through their Dell purchases. Affiliate
participants, such as and, include
organizations and causes on different sides of nearly every social issue.
Some of the organizations participating through Dell affiliates such as and, promote handgun rights, others promote
handgun control. Handgun Control Inc. (HCI) has been reported as one
organization that participates in this program. Others including The Gun
Owners Foundation and the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
Foundation, Inc. also participate through Dell affiliate
The only organizations prohibited from participating in Dell's affiliates
program are those that promote sexually explicit material; promote violence;
promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality,
disability, sexual orientation or age; or promote illegal activities.
Regarding the assertion that Dell cancelled Mr. Jack Weigand's order for a
notebook computer because of his firearm association...
We made a mistake. Mr. Weigand's order was improperly cancelled because we
did not gather the additional information required by U.S. law to process
his order. Dell flagged Mr. Weigand's order (initiated under his company
name Weigand's Combat Firearms) for additional follow-up (and then we failed
to do so) because of the word "combat" in his company name. This internal
control is in place to ensure that a domestic purchase is not redirected to
an end user for a prohibited use (such as the creation and development of
weapons of mass destruction) or to a country that has been restricted from
receiving U.S. technology exports (such as Libya, Syria, Iran and Iraq).
This due diligence is required by U.S. law. We also review orders for words
such as "nuclear," "missile," and "plutonium." Dell's process excludes
reviews for "guns" or "firearms."
The mistake was ours because we failed to follow our process. We failed to
call Mr. Weigand for information that would have satisfied legal
requirements and ultimately would have resulted in completion of Mr.
Weigand's transaction. We have apologized for this mistake directly to Mr.
Weigand. We have tried to make it right with our customer by giving him a
free computer for his trouble and inconvenience.
Dell has many customers and employees who are handgun owners and
enthusiasts. We know that gun owners and advocates, such as Mr. Weigand, are
law abiding Americans, and as such, can understand and appreciate our
efforts to comply with American export laws, while serving all customers.
We have heard from many of you over the last few days, and we appreciate the
opportunity to speak with you directly about these issues. Your
relationships with us, and your feedback about our products and services are
crucial to our success.
Tom Green
Senior Vice President,
Law and Administration
Dell Computer Corporation
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