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shooting box

When I was hanging with the black powder shooters this weekend, almost every one of them had their accessories (patches, balls, powder, knives, etc) in a wooden box. Some were home-made and quite modest, others were made by very skilled woodworkers.

Is this common in the BP world? If so, what's in your shooting box? How large is it? What are your favorite features? I intend to make a box - My son Justin and I attended a meet this weekend with his stuff in a large vinyl bag sporting a floral print. No, really. Justin's momma LOVES HIM! :D

And what's the box actually called?
Hi mate. mines the shooting box..s. I usually take 3 or 4 rifles , plus gear as my range is a fair trip.I have an old cube milk crate that takes benchrest and bags etc plua big sturdy plastic tool box (yellow) makes it easier to keep track of with people coming and going at a public range.The whole lot sits on an old moving trolley with a couple of straps and theres still room to pile 3 or 4 rifles on and sit it behind the bench. Got this idea from watching western action shooters and having a bad back..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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