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Dillon Rapid Polish turns pink

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For those of you who use Dillon Rapid Polish 290 brass polish, be advised that the polish may turn pink with age. Yes, it's normally blue but kept long enough it can change color.

I had purchased two bottles from Dillon a while back, one for immediate use and the other as a backup. Well, after using the primary bottle, I pulled out the backup and it had changed color. No amount of shaking would restore the Dillon blue. I took the bottle back to Dillon for an exchange. The clerk said, "Nothing wrong with the polish other than the color. It will work just as good as when it was blue." Taking the clerk's word for it, I will start using the backup polish. Thought I might pass this along in case this happens to you.

If the polish does not work as I was told, I will pass this info along too.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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