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Today I called S&W. I wanted some information about getting my 81 vintage 25-5 repaired, and maybe a new cylinder installed.
I told the man in the service department what was wrong with my gun. He listened and we discussed it.
Before I tell you what the result of our conversation was, let me tell you what is wrong with my gun.
First, let me tell you, it has digested over 6500 rounds of factory equivalent or better rounds, mostly double action.

The hole in the frame that the cylinder center pin locks into has worn into an egg shape. The bolt the ejector rod locks onto has worn till it has excessive side to side movement. And the recess at the end of the ejector rod has also become worn.
This has allowed some side play in the crane and cylinder assembly. It's not causing problems yet, but eventually it will. If you lay the gun on it's left side and cycle the action normally it won't lock up. But if you hold it upright, or on it's right side, or if you hold the crane shut it pretimes nicely, so it's not out of time.
Also the cylinder has grosly oversized chamber throats. I have fought barrel and throat leading since this thing was new. I was hoping for maybe a new cylinder.
Now if I can find a GOOD gunsmith, all of these worn points can be fixed. And a new cylinder can be fitted even if I have to find a .44 cylinder and have it rechambered.

But S&W says, NO new cylinders, NO replacement frames and we CAN'T fix the old one. So your gun is junk. That is almost a verbatim quote.
My gun is junk. :mad:

At this point I'm about to trade it for a Ruger Redhawk in .45 Colt. I am so discusted with S&W it's not funny. The only thing stopping me is that the Redhawk is bigger than I want, and isn't available in a 4" barrel. The S&W 25-5 is just right for what I use it for. And of course it isn't made anymore.
Purty please don't anybody suggest a Taurus, please don't.

Now I have to start hunting for a real gunsmith that will listen to me, and do what I want, and ONLY what I want. I might as well try to teach my cat to surf the web.

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Wow, I'm surprised S&W said that to you. Did they actually "refuse" to attempt a repair? I've only had one experience with S&W (Tech support). Granted it was a new revolver, but they sent me a UPS form to mail the gun back to the factory free of charge. I received it repaired four days later. My revolvers are S&W and Ruger SA. If you choose Ruger I'm sure you'd be happy, unless you don't like SA. As far as Taurus, I've never owned one or fired one. So, I cannot comment on that manufacturer. Good Luck!

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Yep, they said it was junk and they couldn't do anything.

As for Rugers, I have had OM, & NM SA's off and on, and one of their .22 autos for years. I know quite a bit about them.
I have never fired a Ruger DA though. I've always had my S&W's to use. But if the gunsmith in Northern IL can't fix this 25-5 of mine, then I will have to get something else. Probably a Redhawk.
Although it is too big for what I use the 25-5 for.

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S&W Wesson Customer Service?

I can't say that I'm surprised. Experiences like yours are why I own no S&Ws anymore and own Rugers. I can recomend the 5-1/2" REDHAWK. YOU WILL NEVER WEAR IT OUT.

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Someone on The High Road suggested I contact Cylinder and Slide. So I emailed them about this problem. Here is my email, and their reponse.

To Bill Laughridge;

I was recomended to you by a fellow poster at The High Road forum.

I have a S&W 25-5 .45 Colt revolver that needs repair. The factory will not work on it, stating; (without seeing it I might add), "your gun is
I don't want any custom work at this time. For the most part I am satisfied with this old revolver as it is. I just want to find somebody who can do quality repair work on this gun.

The PRIMARY problem is that the central locking system has become worn, and is allowing some side movement of the crane. This has not gotten to a
dangerous point yet, but eventually will.
If the gun is held in a vertical position, or on the right side it still pre-times nicely. But if held on it's left side there is enough movement in
all the parts to cause it to time up late. Of course if you hold the crane up against the frame it will pre-time.

I have looked at it closely, and here is what I see:
....The cylinder center pin hole in the frame has become egg shaped.
....The cylinder center pin has some play in the extractor.
....The spring loaded plunger under the barrel has what seems to be excessive side to side play, and is worn on the back side.
....The end of the extractor rod is worn on the inside where it mates up to the plunger under the barrel.
.....There is some fore and aft movement to the crane. When held to the rearmost position, there is no movement to the cylinder.
I'm sure that all of these points will normally have some play, but over the years, and thousands of rounds it has increased to the point I am concerned, and worried.

I'm sure all of the worn parts can be replaced, but it is the center pin hole in the frame that seems to cause problems. Several years ago, while I
was living in Phoenix a gunsmith mentioned he could put a bushing in that spot and drill it to the correct sized hole. Others I have mentioned this
to on the forums I frequent, suggested welding up the spot and re-drilling it.
I am not worried about the method of repair, so long as it is a good and permanent repair.

So after saying all of this, my question is; would you be willing to repair this S&W for me?
And how would you suggest going about repairing the worn hole in the frame?

SECONDARY problem. This revolver has a cylinder with throats that are very close to .458". I have fought leading and accuracy problems with this
since the day I bought it.
I read in an article by John Taffin that S&W reduced the dimensions in the chambers and throats of the .45 colt cylinder after they did away with the
pinned barrel guns.
Would it be possible to acquire one of these newer, closer dimensioned cylinders and fit it to this revolver?
I'm not looking for a custom built cylinder, just a better factory one.

Thanks for your time and answers.

Mr Miller,

It's always nice to hear from a manufacturer that their product is junk :)

The correct fix for your wallowed out center pin hole is a soldered in bushing. As a matter of fact, that is how the S&W factory used to take care
of it. You'll notice, on their new alloy frame revolvers, they are using the same technique. You can find that and all the rest of our pistolsmithing options on our web site,

SR035 Bush Center Pin Hole in Frame 89.25

Welding is not a good option.

As far as the other needed parts and work to repair all the wear, no problem. We'll need to inspect the pistol first so we can find exactly what
needs to be done.

We can certainly replace the cylinder, if we can find one. We have stainless cylinders, but no blue.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.


So it apears that I have someone who knows what the problems are, and how to correct them. As soon as I can put together the money, I'll be sending it to C&S.
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