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The Palladium Press has compiled a book titled: “District of Columbia Vs. Heller, An Anatomy of the Supreme Court’s Landmark Second Amendment Decision” Les Adams gathered the information together. You may remember Les Adams also compiled the Second Amendment Primer and The Bill of Rights Primer and The American Freedoms Primer.
I have read about the Heller decision on the web but there is quite a bit I do not understand about it. Les Adams book cuts away quite a bit of the boilerplate and lays out the history and thought behind the decision.
The book starts with a chapter on how the Federal Courts system operates, a chapter on the legal concepts which base the decision making of the court and a summary of State courts previous decisions on the Second Amendment. I found the chapter on the State Courts Decisions to be very interesting.
There is a section of the selected highlights of the majority opinion where they are opened up and then a section for the complete transcript of the Majority opinion. With the selected highlights understood, the transcript was easier to follow.

More interesting were the selected highlights from the Dissenting Opinion and then the complete transcript of the Dissenting opinion. The dissenting opinion of Justice Breyer is dissected with notes.

There are margin notes throughout the book giving highlights of the paragraph or page, referencing other decisions or commenting on the narrative. The margin notes are quite useful in following the book and for leafing back through the book to refresh your thoughts. There is an extremely useful bibliography in the back to help find other information.
Les Adams is a Lawyer and Publisher and I am pleased to have this book in my personal Library. If you have any interest in the Supreme Court Vs. Heller decision, this book will open it up for you.

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Thanks for posting the info, Slim.

Personally, I have a hard time trying to wade through articles like that and am glad you took the time to do so. If it weren't for hingepin Justice Kennedy, we'd have been sunk a long time ago with the makeup of the court.

Here's hoping he doesn't retire before next election!
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