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Continuing my effort to broaden out our shotgun interest on the forum.....I am adding another specialized shot load...The "Dixie Turkey Duster"!
By the modification of using #2 shot instead of can put together a fine long range Pasture Pest (like "Yotes") load.
Here's the recipe....Begin with a Fiocchi 3" primed (Fio616) hull with a 16mm brass - 7mm base wad. Dust the inside of the new hull with Motor Mica. Drop in a weighed 34 grs of Blue Dot. On top of that, a Ballistic Products X12X over-powder wad. Next comes a Ballistic Products "Turkey Ranger Wad" with 4 slits 2/3 of the way down the sides, dusted with Motor Mica". Now drop in 711 grs (1 5/8 oz)of #4 3% antimony - copper plated shot. Vibrate in around the shot 20 grs of buffer and close it all with a thin overshot wad, rolled crimp. Your velocity will be around 1180 fps with 10,600 psi. This load, depending on your gun, is capable of putting an average of 24 - #4 pellets in a center core of 10" at 50 yards. It will have over 2 ft.lbs. of energy per pellet. With #2's it will have over 5 ft lbs of energy. This is an extremly smooth load.
Best Regards, James
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