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do you have to change the bolt or action for a new caliber?

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I am going to make a custom rem 700. I was going to start with a used gun and strip the barrel and action apart and get a new barrel and so on. I found many cheap used rem 700 in 7mm rem mag but i am going to make mine in a .308. Do I need to get a new bolt for it, and also would that action work for it as well or do i need an original .308 gun?
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I am not certain on the breechface diameter, but I believe that it is different. I know that the 7mm is a lot longer rd than the 308, so you will probably need a different action. makers sometimes try to make one size fit all, tho, so it's possible that you can get by with the same one. Sounds like a big waste, tho. Why not just get an action, if you are going to scrap all the other parts? Check out the gunsmith mecca, Brownell's supply, google for it. Their smiths are a huge help, usually.
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