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Sometime back I bought some 44 300 gn cast Keith bullets from Dry Creek. They are within driving distance so I ran up and bought some. To date I haven't been able to keep them on a paper plate at 25 yrds with my scoped SRH. I have tried them through my Redhawk also, I shot my target frame in two. With RCBS 250-K cast from #2 alloy and sizd to 430 both guns shoot great. But I cannot get Dry Creek to work at all. I have tried all the common powders and loads without success. I miked the bullets and they were 432. So I even tried running them thru my sizer still no luck. I am stumped. Like I say its not my guns, they both shoot my cast and jacketed loads just fine, any thoughts ?..........regards Ogre
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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