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Dual-optics RRA Varmint 24.
This outfit has been lethal on prairie dogs, jackrabbits, badgers, and the occasional careless coyote. The Leupold VX-III 6.5-20X50 Long Range Varmint Hunter takes care of the long shots, and the Burris FastFire red dot mounted on the Larue LT-137 ring extention, handles anything that pops up at close range. At close to 12 lbs., you would not want to pack it very far from some kind of rest. I have been using this setup for the past 2 years and it's my favorite rifle now.

Dual Optics Remington 700 VLS .223
Well it's finally finished, except for final sighting in and considerable load development. I think it's pretty well tricked out for my needs. This one will serve as a backup for my, equally trick, RRA Varmint 24. This rifle started as a used Remington VLS that had some minor problems. It had some small dents on both sides of the fore end and over-sized chamfer on the firing pin bore in the bolt face. It would crater every primer, no matter how hot or mild the load. Test firing the modified bolt with a recommended max load showed no cratering whatsoever. (Problem solved)

The bolt went to Gre-Tan Rifles for a bushing and reduced firing pin diameter and bore. I had them install a new speed-lock firing pin assembly that includes a fluted and turned down firing pin, black anodized bolt shroud, cocking piece, and spring.

The dents were removed from the stock, action glass and pillar bedded, barrel floated, and some finish touchup done.

The trigger was fine-tuned to a very crisp 1.5 lbs. Next came the 9 shot extended floor plate, Leupold 30mm bases and rings, Sightron SIII 6-24X50mm Long Range Mil-Dot main optic, TNVC SAR-3PS rail, and Aimpoint Micro-T1 Red Dot secondary sight. The whole empty weight came in just under 12 pounds for this beast. I already like it, and I can't wait till the weather breaks enough to go to the range for tests. It may be a bit of over-kill for shooting targets, P-dogs, jackrabbits, and a few coyotes, but it sure is a neat rifle. It's amazing how fast you can get $2,000 into something like this.
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