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Dude, you're getting a Bell...

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Our fearless helicopter pilot from last year's work.
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You realize of course you are killing me with the scenery. Stuck in Indiana, a good place but nothing like the views you post.
I agree with Bigfoot in Indiana. I'm also stuck in the midwest and what makes it worse is I've been to Alaska. Just wish it wasn't so-o-o-o far away. John Denver sang about "ALMOST HEAVEN WEST VIRGINIA", well the parts of WV I've seen didn't look like the landscape of AK. Alaska is "ALMOST HEAVEN" on earth.
You guys do realize, I suppose, that the MD500 in the picture is mfg'd by McDonnel-Douglas right here in my town, about 3 miles north of my house (along with the Apache Longbow attack helicopter).
Bigfoot, I understand your pain. For now I'm stuck in W. KY. Alyeska used to send me pictures like this all the time, at least up until I threatened him with a most severe and harsh penalty. I told him my wife and I were going to move in with him immediatly. End of problem. No all kiddin aside, Alyeska has sent me some fantastic pictures, I have saved many (most) of them for when I get a real printer so I can frame them. Thanks for the pics Alyeska
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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