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Dynamit Nobel Brenneke TIG Bullets

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I picked up a box of these bullets a couple of weeks ago for my 7x57, out of curiosity more than anything else. After looking at 'em long and hard, I found these actually have a nickel steel jacket. I put a magnet to the jacket and it surely stuck. However, the steel seemed fairly soft as I could scratch easily with a car key. I talked with a few members of this forum while the site was down and all thought they'd be okay to shoot from the Ruger No. 1. Well, now I've shot some and they seem to shoot pretty good and group as well as any other factory ammo, or better. All of which are plenty accurate for my hunting styles. While I have viewed Brenneke's website and know what the factory says about this ammo, I was wondering if anyone out there has actually taken an animal with it, and if so, what was performance like?

These are the 162 grain TIG's for the 7x57mm Mauser. They seem to loaded a tad hotter than Win, Fed, Hornandy factory loads as the trajectory is nearly identical to 140 grain loads from those. Just curious about the bullet itself. I've used Hornady's Interlock, Nosler's Partition's and both Winchester's PowerPoint's and FailSafe's with satisfaction. I've had problems using Winchester's Silvertips and Nosler's Ballistic tips on game, though the BT's are great for target shooting. Would the TIG fall in the former or latter category?
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I've read about them in Handloader's Digest or some such publication. As best I recall... they are supposed to be similar to Partitions. I believe that they have a two-part core. There are a couple of variations on how the cores fit together and how much of a partition is formed between them. If you really need me to I can dig around for the information.

Steel jackets are more common in Europe. Either they don't shoot enough to make a difference in bore wear or guilding metal is a lot more expensive. I have some FMJ ammo for my Swede that appears to be nickel-plated steel.

Good luck with them. I suspect that they will work just fine.

I believe it is a cost issue. The Europeans have been using steel jackets for a very long time. All of my 7.5mm Swiss ammo is steel, as were some of my 6.5mm Swede way back when I was shooting a M96 Mauser.
These are great bullets,and I order them from "oldwest Scrounger" when needed,I have shot both the TIG and The TUG,in my 375 express manlicher and they work great on deer size animals and hogs
I may just have to try them out on a ram or caribou this year, if the opportunity presents itself.


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