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E.R. Shaw or A&B barrel for 6mm AI?

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I'm planning on buying a pre-threaded, short chambered barrel for my VZ-24. I'm using a .30-06 barrel right now just to shoot it, but I want to do a 6mm AI, so I will be buying a .243 barrel and ream it. My question is; which is better, the E.R. Shaw or Adams and Benett barrels? Both are in my price range, so that's not an issue. I would like the longer 26" barrell that E.R. Shaw offers, but the one gunsmith I have asked about them didn't like them. He said they foul faster and he has had a couple "failures". He didn't specify whether "failures" meant it failed to shoot tiny groups, or whether it blew up or something. I would appreciate any input on this. :confused:
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I have quite a few A&B barrels in the shop, but I only put one on a rifle. It was a .243 barrel blank and I reamed it to .243 Win.

It was a terrible experience. After all those hours truing the action, and then one fouling shot, three touching, and then 2" groups until all the copper was cleaned out of the roughest barrel i have ever worked on.

Looking at other A&B barrels I have, I picked the worst one.

My next project was a 257 RAI with a Walthar Lothar barrel. What a difference. It can shoot six one inch average groups before cleaning.

Doesn't Shaw make the A&B barrels?
Aren't Shaw barrels much more expensive?
Does that mean they are not as good?
I don't know, but if your time is worth anything, get a stress relieved, factory hand lapped barrel like a WL, Lija, Hart, PacNor, Stainless Shileen, etc.
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