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E.R. Shaw or A&B barrel for 6mm AI?

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I'm planning on buying a pre-threaded, short chambered barrel for my VZ-24. I'm using a .30-06 barrel right now just to shoot it, but I want to do a 6mm AI, so I will be buying a .243 barrel and ream it. My question is; which is better, the E.R. Shaw or Adams and Benett barrels? Both are in my price range, so that's not an issue. I would like the longer 26" barrell that E.R. Shaw offers, but the one gunsmith I have asked about them didn't like them. He said they foul faster and he has had a couple "failures". He didn't specify whether "failures" meant it failed to shoot tiny groups, or whether it blew up or something. I would appreciate any input on this. :confused:
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An old gunsmith friend of mine on the east coast uses the E.R. Shaw quite extensively. I have had a couple of rifles done up using them and was entirely satisfied. One a .270, one a .308. And I've heard that they recently retooled and are better than ever.
I think the Shaw barrels are a good bargain. I've never tried Adams and Bennett, so I can't say anything about them.
I guess you can get a bum barrel from anyone (I know I have from several manufacturers!), but I was happy with the ones I got from Shaw. For what it's worth! IDShooter
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