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I'm working on long term use in a Glock, but figured I'd share my thoughts on it's use in an AR so far.
This was a rifle I assembled early this year shortly after the new year. Short of the original couple magazines to test and flesh out and issues(prior to first cleaning), the rifle has exclusively had Fluid Film as it's only source of lubrication.

According to my box count a moment ago, I've put a little over 700 rounds through it. Here are some pictures of the more worn portions of the bolt:

View attachment 105642

View attachment 105641

If you compare that top photo with the one below, you'll have an idea of how much I use to lubricate it after cleaning. Just a dab, then wipe with finger to leave a thin film.

View attachment 105644

For my money, I'm completely happy with it so far. I'm going to continue using it, and will probably begin changing over my bolt guns as well.


i don't have ARs, i played with the m16 enuff to last two lifetimes. i like dab of fluid film on the bolt carrier. i used military clp at the time and it was a dab and finger the clp on to bolt carrier. a dab will do ya!!!

i remember when the guys didn't have clp and they shot anyway.......for about 2 - 3 rounds, then the action was locked up and you had to find a dab of clp or motor oil to make shoot again. too much clp on the bolt carrier can cause problems too.
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