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Hi All,

This site was forwarded to me by a junkie, and as a pretty serious loader, shooter, hunter, this one is really great.

Now the question is: I have a book written by Elmer copyrighted in 1938, Big Game Rifles,with the dust cover intact and though a bit yellow, in generally very good condition.

I picked it up at a used book store more than 25 yrs ago. It's Elmer before he polished his presentation, and a real hoot to read.

Does this have any collectors value?


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Yes, all Samworth books have value far outweighing the content! Although this is a very good book!

Check out the Advanced Book Exchange most search engines will bring it up with just those words, sometimes it will come up with abe.

Search by either Elmer Keith or by Samworth.

Go to the search by vendor and look at T&R Books, this is a very nice fellow out in Kalifornia. He specilizes in Samworths.
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