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Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load

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Do any of you have any experience using Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load of 53 grains of 3031 with a 405 grain Jacketed
I tried 51.3 grains of 3031 with a lead cast bullet 405 grains in a Marlin 1895 CB .I seemed to be getting a loss of accuracy.
The cast bullets seemed to be doing better with less powder
say 46 grains of 3031.I suspect it was my choice of bullets and gas blow by in a cast bullet without a gas check.
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I have worked up loads with the 405 Rem bullet and 3031 ranging from 45 gr. to 60 gr. The Ruger No. 1 will tolerate all of them and 58 gr. shoots very well.

The 53 gr. load is the one I shoot in my 1886 Brownchester ELR, and it produces 1,800 fps with good accuracy for peep sights. I have seen no signs of excessive pressure and feel that the rifle would handle hotter loads. I am not sure that I care to experience them. The 53 grs will kill elk, and I don't need more in my neck of the woods. (Wyoming)

I have a 48 gr load with 405 cast bullets that is about 1,600 fps and also shoot well. It is pleasant to shoot from either rifle and will penetrate further than I have tested - a 8" piece of wood and a railroad tie.

Hope this helps.

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