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Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load

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Do any of you have any experience using Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load of 53 grains of 3031 with a 405 grain Jacketed
I tried 51.3 grains of 3031 with a lead cast bullet 405 grains in a Marlin 1895 CB .I seemed to be getting a loss of accuracy.
The cast bullets seemed to be doing better with less powder
say 46 grains of 3031.I suspect it was my choice of bullets and gas blow by in a cast bullet without a gas check.
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Sometimes there is a weird curb with reloading, try working the load from min to max and look for the sweet spot, you may find the hot load brings accuracy back in to play, could have something to do with the ammo as well and how it was reloaded, noticed you using cast. I don't shoot cast, just jacketed ammo, where I hunt Jacketed ammo works well, if I were to hunt Browns or cape buffalo etc...very large animals, I would use hardcast for deep penetration on a large animal is needed, but for where I am hunting Jacketed ammo does the trick on White tail deer/Black bears up here in NH. Aim small hit small. RAMbo.

P.S. note: I noticed keith's 405 bullet is Jacketed and the one your using is cast, this may be your problem.:rolleyes:
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