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Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load

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Do any of you have any experience using Elmer Keith's 45-70 classic load of 53 grains of 3031 with a 405 grain Jacketed
I tried 51.3 grains of 3031 with a lead cast bullet 405 grains in a Marlin 1895 CB .I seemed to be getting a loss of accuracy.
The cast bullets seemed to be doing better with less powder
say 46 grains of 3031.I suspect it was my choice of bullets and gas blow by in a cast bullet without a gas check.
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Hi, Swifty:
Rmouleart could be right. The benchresters figure accuracy can go up, down, up, down, up again as velocity increases. It depends on your barrel and a change to a faster or slower powder can change everything.

However, you could be pushing your bullet or lube past it's limits. First, modern IMR powders made by Expro of Quebec is faster than the DuPont powder of Elmer's day. Second, your bullet might be too soft for that velocity. Third, your lube might be failing. IIRC, Veral Smith was shooting a .30-06 and his own lube with no problems. He tried Alox lube on one bullet and blew the primer.

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