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I am interested in purchasing some BTB in 44 cal in the folowing weights; 325 wln, 335 lfn, what kind of velocities can I expect on the low and high end? Also, what kind of oal will i get with these? I am looking to use this bullet size for an all around hunting/shooting load for all critters. Thanks.

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Hi Sduve,
I may be able to help you with some of the velocities.. at least in general.  I once had a TC in 44 mag with a 10" bbl.  With a 330 gr LFN LBT bullet seated for a .450 nose length (some simply call it deep), I got velocity increases of 100 fps over a SBH with a 7 1/2" bbl.  At that time (these were not Marshall's bullets then so the exact load is moot) I was getting just under 1300 fps out of the 7 1/2" revolver.  With the TC I got just under 1400 fps with the same load.  These loads were with H-110.  

I shoot Marshall's 300gr LMNDCGC bullet (seated for .450 nose)@ 1350 fps out of the same SBH 7 1/2".  Out of my 16" 1894p I gain 250 fps bringing it up to 1500 fps.  

I cannot offer you any comparision with the bullets seated (.500 nose)out except to say that with more powder the velocity difference will probably be greater (with H-110).   I have no idea what bullet length the Encore will handle.  If it will take Marshall's 325gr LCMNGC bullet you will be a happy hunter.  My favorite load gives 1400 fps out of a 7 1/2" Redhawk barrel and some have reported higher velocities for a 7 1/2" barrel.  My guess is you'd gain about 150 fps over the 7 1/2" revolver.  

Being a single shot you can have it modified to fit most any bullet you can imagine.  Hope this wandering has been of some help.  You have a real nice handgun to develop good loads and hunt with.

God bless....................  Bill M
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