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1) If a "mere mortal"馃檮 wishes to discuss and learn from any human they interact with, it helps if they don't waste energy looking for offense in everything...

2) Here's a pearl of wisdom:
You should lighten-up, and enjoy the conversations and alternative views on things that are available here. Maybe you will learn something, maybe you won't; only time will tell.
Lighten up? 馃ゴ
You must be pretty thin skinned to think that I was upset. The fact is that I was commenting on the first two responses that simply ridiculed the OP for his post, there was no real exchange of information.

Your assumption about my frame of mind when I posted is embarrassingly ignorant and it reveals a lot about your personality.

Thanks for the lecture oh great knowledgeable one.

The Shadow (Moderator)
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I made no assumptions about your frame of mind, only commented on your attitude; which clearly hasn't improved.

No worries though, I'll give you some time alone to figure out how to get happy in the same pants you got mad in.


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FYI I've shot half a dozen deer with a crossbow, not a single arrow/bolt failed to completely penetrate the animals. My current bow chronographs right at 350fps with a 100gr. broadhead and a very light carbon fiber bolt, they go through large mule deer like a hot knife through butter breaking and cutting everything they encounter inside the animal.

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My first deer with a Bow was with a Ben Pearson Recurve in @1977. Nice 6 point and clipped his Aorta and a Lung. Arrow went completely through. I sold that bow to the owner of a bow-shop indoor range in Austin who was a BP collector. He had been hunting my particular bow for awhile. Believe it or not, it was with a wooden arrow fitted to me and that bow with an old style Bear Broadhead that I think weighed 150 gr. I doubt it was over 200 fps. It did the job. I kept that arrow for many years afterwards.
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