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I'll have to concur with the thought of shooting your model 12 for the time being.  You can be mighty competitive with it, and if you look back to the photos of the national skeet champions of the mid 50's many were shooting model 12's with Cutts Compensators on them! It was and still is a great shotgun.

Now, about the Bakail Russian gun.  I've handled them quite a bit, and even took the buttstock off of one for a quick look at the inner workings.  They are crude!  I don't like the auto safety clicking on every time the action's opened, and the design of the linkage precludes any efficent way of disconnecting it.... it's an itegral part of the system.  The trigger and sear assemblies are ruggedly functional, but rough, crudely designed and not user friendly to improvement.  

The most important part of a shotgun's effectiveness is it's pointability, it should mount and point without thought or effort.  The Bakail O/U guns are simply boxy utilitarian guns without any of the fine pointability qualities that make a great shooting smoothbore.

Another option would be to look at the used market.  I went to a gunshow last weekend in Spokane Washington, and saw at least three Browning Citori Field Grade guns, three inch, but with fixed chokes (pre Invector and Invector Plus) in honest used condition, not beat up, and wonderfully servicable, for around the 500 dollar mark!  I would MUCH rather have one of these fine guns that points so very, very well, for an extra hundred bucks, than a commie made mass produced excuse that won't even have parts available in five or ten years should something break.

Ouch!  Sorry, a hot button just got hit!  I'll step off the soap-box now!

God Bless,

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