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Europeon american armory

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Help, I'm bitten by the "skeet" bug and I'm poor! How can a bluecollar family man spend $1000+ on a o/u? I do well with my model 12 yet hunger for what I can't afford. Its a BAD bug! Anywhy this manufacture sells an o/u for under $400, would I be throwing my money away or is it a decent no frills gun? If you have any info good or bad please let me know (or know of another inexpensive gun?) Thanks everyone! Redbone
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I'm in full agreement with Mike. In the shotgun games the rise of the O/U has more to do with style and what the other guy is using than with functional substance. Heck I use a Remington 870 Express pump and can easily run 20-21 birds shooting once a month if I'm lucky! And that's with cheapo promotional loads to boot.

The EAA guns are made in Russia and are, to be polite, workmanlike. I've handled a couple at Gander Mountain and found them to be pretty rough. I've never shot one so can't vouch for their handling characteristics on the skeet field, but in the store they felt like a club. I think your money would be far better spent on a used pump or auto and a bunch of shells. Believe me it'll be a lot more fun shooting skeet than dry firing an O/U for the same money.
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