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Good article!
I shoot 2 of the magnum 30's, the Winchester and Weatherby. My reasoning when I bought them was to be able to load a heavier bullet for bigger game. I do not subscribe to the idea of shooting deer at 400+ yards, preferring to actually hunt instead of snipe. Most people I know should not try to make a 200 yard shot on varmints, much less a 300 yard or farther shot on deer or elk. The current emphasis on velocity comes at a cost in recoil that most people are not ready for. For example, when I take a magnum to a public range, shooters there always want to know what it is...I tell them and their eyes light up. If they are polite, I'll let them try a few shots. Most of them can't keep 3 rounds in the black at 100 yards using a rest. Then, they shake their heads and say "If that was my old 06, I'd put 'em all in one hole." Maybe so....until you look at their targets and see the shotgun pattern. Most won't work to shoot to that level of recoil, much less what a high velocity 30 or bigger will dish out. I think that in a couple more years we'll see a glut of slightly used "short magnums" for sale cheap as these folks blame the rifle/cartridge/bullet when they miss or make a poor shot instead of looking in the mirror.
Dang, you wouldn't guess this is a hot button topic for me, would you?
Good shooting,
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