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I agree for the most part with the article. My first, and likely last, elk was taken with my old 30-06 with Nosler partitions at a range, according to the guide's laser rangefinder, of 340 yards (also confirmed later by trajectory tables). The bullet went through the ribs, both lungs and smashed the shoulder on the farside. Yes,  I'm real proud of that shot.
However, to make the shot I had to hold over his back a bit, and I wonder what would have happened if it was struck on the near shoulder.
Anyway, I recently bought a Ruger #1 in 300 Weatherby. Why? Not for power, but for flatter trajectory, and to me there's a mystique to this round that makes me want to master it. It's almost as old as I am so it can't be considered as new, and I believe Ross Seyfried when he says it's the best of the 30s.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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