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Mr. Stanton,

The only shortfall of your important article is that not enough hunters will see it compared to the masses that will read over and over the hype for the latest thing nearly burning more grains of powder than the bullet it propels. The evergrowing "cult" of long range big game shooting is devoid of ethics and realism. True long range shooting belongs in only two places: the range and the battlefield. I agree that we owe our great game animals and the ethos of the hunt far more.

I would not be forthright if I did not state that I classify the new generation of short magnums separatly from the larger cased "over" bore magnums. I wish them great success, since they are simply bringing the many advantages of short actions to proven existing velocity levels. They also promise some exceptional medium bore offspring, rather factory or wildcat.  

You also state the fact that most game is shot witin one hundred yards, often well within, and we have reason to suspect that much of the game shot with even these exagerated long range rifles and cartridges will be as well. How many wounded animals will there need to be for the "long range cult" to learn which bullets can perform at the impact velocities of the largest of these cartridges at short range. Bullet failure at near range caused by the unrealistic quest for long range perfection is no less a shame than the poorly placed long range shot.

Great Article
Thank You,
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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