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I do think that these trends are extremely good marketing, and trying to goad a gullible public into an undue feeling of confidence in these rifles capabilities.  Guys that choose equipment based on what they erad in ballistic charts, will eat them up.  And....most likely end up putting a $40 scope, shoot soft bullets, and zero them for fifty yards.  That is until they develop a rabid case of the flinchies.

Having said that, I have a rig that i consider a speciality rig, for hunting the fields behind pappaw's.  Its a Rem sendero 7mm rem mag, and i handload a 140 grain nosler ballistic tip over a nosler max dose of RL22.  It has a 6-18x vaible, a harris bipod, and the trigger has been worked over slightly.  This thing is heavy, and except for pap's and busting paper way out yonder, it doesn;t get much play.  It is a heck of allot of fun, although its not extremely flexible.

I have never used it in a tree stand.  Its not a rifle that i would consider packing over mountins, or care to pack on an elk hunt.  I don;t use it to shoot when its windy, as when its windy i still hunt the firebreaks and log trails.  I don't take any shots less than 200 yards, as i think the bullett would be too destructive up close.  Mostly it is used to fill out the tag after i have a buck hanging, so pap can make some bbq jerky for my soldiers.(although lately, i have been requested not to do that anymore, as the flatulance is remarkable)

I know both fields, and have some dozer piles out there that serve as range markers, although to date, i have held dead on my three critters i have killed, (330, 305, and 275)  I have lots of confidence in it.

My point is, if a fellow can handle the recoil, and uses some judgement, i could see using a overbore rifle of some fashion as a special use item.

One man's opinion.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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