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Expanding the neck opening of .243

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I've loading thousands of 9mm and 45acp bullets, but am now just getting started with rifles. I bought a two-die set of RCBS for my .243. My issue is that I can't seem to get the case neck opening expanded enough to manually place the bullet in. With my handgun loads,:confused: I am able to expand the case and easily place the bullet into the case and it will sit there securely. With the .243 I have to hold the bullet in place as I raise the bullet into the die. Also, and probably my biggest concern is that if the bullet is not a boattail, the case will sometimes tear off a bit of the metal jacket. Should I be able to expand the case enough to easliy place the bullet? Seems like I should. Any help would be appreciated.
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As mentioned, you must put a small chamfer in the neck with one of these You need one of these or these also I think you can get a kit that has both of these and the pocket uniformer for about $20 or so.

They are supposed to be sized to their is a .0015" - .002" inteference fit so you will not be able to slide the bullet into the neck. This is controlled by the expander collar the firing pin punch is sitting in. Some dies offer a few different size expanders. Another option is to neck size with a die that lets you control the of the neck. For about $20 you can get you a Lee Collet neck sizeing die and with a little practice working with the setup, it works great.

Also realize the necks must be clean or the carbon will create a lot more drag on the bullet. I wrap 0000 steel wool aroun the nylon bore brush and insert the bore brush in a drill. I then lightly polish the inside of the necks. I generally do this before I resize. This will give you a nice smooth bullet entry and exit. You can pull a bullet and it should look as though it has never been loaded.
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