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Expanding the neck opening of .243

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I've loading thousands of 9mm and 45acp bullets, but am now just getting started with rifles. I bought a two-die set of RCBS for my .243. My issue is that I can't seem to get the case neck opening expanded enough to manually place the bullet in. With my handgun loads,:confused: I am able to expand the case and easily place the bullet into the case and it will sit there securely. With the .243 I have to hold the bullet in place as I raise the bullet into the die. Also, and probably my biggest concern is that if the bullet is not a boattail, the case will sometimes tear off a bit of the metal jacket. Should I be able to expand the case enough to easliy place the bullet? Seems like I should. Any help would be appreciated.
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Everything mentioned so far is spot-on and correct. You can't pre-seat the bullets, they are supose to be that tight a fit. A slight chamfer should do the trick.

Two other "tricks":

DO clean the shell holder recess. Gunk builds up and it can keep the case from centering in the shell holder, which runs it off center into the die. A nicked/dinged/burred case rim will do the same thing (OK..most cases are "rimless" but we'll call that part a rim anyway).

"RedNeckReloading". Keep a few military FMJ bullets on the bench. Pressing a .30 cal FMJ nose first, with just finger pressure, into a .243 case will slightly flare the neck. Comes in handy for loading plain based cast bullets.
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