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Exterior ballistics

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I am not sure if this is the ideal forum but I could not see a beetter one.
Does anyone know of a ballistics program that models trajectorries of 44 240gn & 300gn WFN bullets when driven at 1030fps. This is a awkward speed as close to the speed of sound the BC tend to change in value very rapidly with a very small change in projectile speed. I would like to model the trajectory out to 150 metres at least. I currently shoot rabbits out to 170+metres with a silenced 22Lr (silencers use is actively encouraged in NZ). I would like to try out the 44 to a similar distance on goats and rabbits initially (there are more rabbits thsan goats to practice on).

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I'd suggest starting out with a BC of .2 and work up some tables with the ballistics calculator. Then get out and do a little shooting to verify.

A BC isn't a hard and fast number, every gun varies a little plus you have things like altitude, temperature, and humidity which can all affect the drag on the bullet.

So.... even with the most careful calculations, you will still have to verify in the field. But I bet that you can get quite close with some estimates.

The Sierra manual shows a breakdown in the B/C over the supersonic and subsonic ranges, I think. Will have to check when I get home.
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