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The latest offering from the NRA’s Firearms Classics Library is Phil Sharps Complete Guide to Handloading.
No handloaders library is complete without Sharps book. Just about every facet of handloading is covered in this book and it is well worth a lifetime of study.

We have discussed this book before and I have posted a link to Scribd where the book is available for a free download.
The important thing about this printing of The Complete Guide to Handloading is the format. The book is bound 6 ½” X 8” vs. the normal 7 5/8” X 10 ⅜”. I was concerned as I have poor vision but I have no trouble reading the book. The pictures are slightly darker but this is not a serious matter. The important thing is the book is the right size – and weight – for “easy chair” use. The large format of the original printings by Funk & Wagnalls is a bit large and rather heavy for the easy chair. We all need a copy of the Complete Guide to Handloading and this one is a convenient size for everyday use.
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