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Federal 45 Acp round destroys 1911.

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I was shooting with some family this weekend and i let a 15 yr old family member fire the weapon and i was loading a clip and his mother was watching him. He fired screamed and dropped the gun. A Federal round exploded inside the chamber sent shrapnel out the ejection port into his face cutting his face and eyebrow chipping his glasses the cuts weren't to deep but there was a lot of blood. We are debating what to do abut the situation,Federal is having me send in the remainder of the ammo to get it tested but honestly all they are doing is sending me more ammo (which honestly after what happened i don't want any more ammo from them). Anyone have any advice or heard of this happening to anyone else?
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the only thing we were shooting were 45 acps...i was loading another mag but his mother was watching him...he was under constant supervision....i dont understand how the front of the case gets embedded in the throat barrel??Also I made it very clear that there wont be any legal action taken against them i am very pro gun and am aware accidents happen.
First, let me say I am more than glad there was not a serious injury!! I totally applaud your not feeling that you have to sue! But, after reading the above, I'd for sure want Federal to also do the right thing and give you a generous and ample supply of good ammo, if that ammo falls into the lots recalled.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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