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federal brass

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I have searched high and low for Federal brass and it's not to be found, so I came up with this. Go to Wally World, purchase Federal hunting ammo for $18 you get 20 rounds, for $36 YOU GET 40, use them for foul shots and fireform them at the same time. Now you have 40 reloadable cases. If you were to by 50 brass cases you would pay just about that much and still have to load fouling rounds. Before you say anything I have been using the same ten cases for the 11th time and have not had to full length size them for my Rem 700 .308 only neck size, and am getting 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch groups at 500 yards. Just food for thought for those looking for Federal brass.
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This thread has been very interesting reading. I have abut 100 Federal .308 cases that have been reloaded six or seven times and I haven't lost a case yet to separations, expanded primer pockets, or any other problem. But, I also have to admit that I only use the Federal cases to reload cast bullets with SR4759 powder. Since my velocities are in the 2,000 fps range, I imagine my pressures are below 30,000. That's probably why I have never had a problem with Federal brass. For jacketed bullets, I use strictly Winchester brass. The choice was purely by chance, when I started casting for my .308 a few years ago, at the same time I had picked up the Federal brass once fired at our range. Never knew there was a possible problem with it. Well, I guess I will stick to cast bullets only for my Federal brass and not cross over to jacketed bullets with it. A good thing to know about.
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