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federal brass

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I have searched high and low for Federal brass and it's not to be found, so I came up with this. Go to Wally World, purchase Federal hunting ammo for $18 you get 20 rounds, for $36 YOU GET 40, use them for foul shots and fireform them at the same time. Now you have 40 reloadable cases. If you were to by 50 brass cases you would pay just about that much and still have to load fouling rounds. Before you say anything I have been using the same ten cases for the 11th time and have not had to full length size them for my Rem 700 .308 only neck size, and am getting 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch groups at 500 yards. Just food for thought for those looking for Federal brass.
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I buy my Federal Brass, once fired, from the Brass man, a thousand rounds at a time, for my AR10. Home Page
Personally, I wouldn't use federal 308 brass if it was given to me free. I sell every piece I pick up. The stuff is an accident waiting to happen.

I've had more MAJOR case failures with Federal 308 brass than all other brass combined. 2-3 firings and the primers fall out if you're lucky. I've also had a case weld itself to the boltface of a 308 when using a moderate load. I had 6 complete case head separations in 3 weeks in 2009, and that cured me from ever using them again. The gun's chamber is perfect, the cases are perfect according to a Wilson case gauge, and NO OTHER brand has EVER had the same issues.

My 308 case of choice is Military brass, Norma, or Lapua. I get well over 20 loadings before the primers get loose and I've NEVER had a headseparation with those brands.

I'm sorry you had problems with Federal Brass.
I use my once fired 308 brass in an AR10 for five reloadings and retire them to the scrap can. I can't say how well other maker's brass will work, as I've not used them.

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