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federal brass

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I have searched high and low for Federal brass and it's not to be found, so I came up with this. Go to Wally World, purchase Federal hunting ammo for $18 you get 20 rounds, for $36 YOU GET 40, use them for foul shots and fireform them at the same time. Now you have 40 reloadable cases. If you were to by 50 brass cases you would pay just about that much and still have to load fouling rounds. Before you say anything I have been using the same ten cases for the 11th time and have not had to full length size them for my Rem 700 .308 only neck size, and am getting 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inch groups at 500 yards. Just food for thought for those looking for Federal brass.
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Bandit, have you ever necked up 7mm-08 or 260 Rem cases from Federal, to shoot from your 308 rifles? Probably a silly exercise, but you feel very strongly about the 308 Federal brass, so maybe it would be something to check out?

I was given 60 Federal GMM 308 cases and used them to load ammo for my friend's semi-auto 308. He's used them for years with no trouble, but none of them will be loaded a 3rd time, so I wasn't all that worried about them until I read some of your posts. I'm still surprised that a company with a great reputation for ammo would let very many questionable cases out the door, but it seems like more than a few folks have the same impression of the Federal 308 brass as you do, so...?
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