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feding problems

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I have a old rossi 92 in 44-40 I bought back in the late 80's, love the gun and use it alot but the round closest to the loading gate always wants to sit cock-eyed. It doesn't make any differance if I load 1 or 11 I have to reach in with the tip of my little finger and straighten the first round. Once thats done it will feed perfect shucking the rest right through. Any ideas on whats wrong.
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The backside of the loading gate is not fitted right therefore the cartridge will not slide in line as its wedged against the front thin edge of the loading gate (angle of front thin edge does not taper of steep enough and loading gate must be as flush with the outside of reciever as possible without jumping out) i know this since i had the exact same problem. I messed up the origional gate overfiled it a bit replaced it with a reproduction Model 92 Winchester loading gate that worked fine in place of rossi's. Also did some spring trimming to cure the crushed case mouths and shortened the magazine spring quite abit. Look at the inside of any properly working winchester of any caliber a 94 30-30 is a fine example and compare it to yours you will see where the problem lies. Fired mine after doing these things and its worked great ever since.
The problem isnt hieght per say doubt its the overall length of the loading gate the part you see from the outside of the reciever and the sharpness of the leading forward edge of the part you see, the gate is removable without dissassembling and during fitting i got very good at getting it in and out lol.. The real 92 gate is a better gate anyways in my opinion if you have to replace rossi's as mine was a two piece spot welded spring to the gate portion that didnt even look like it was straightly welded.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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