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feding problems

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I have a old rossi 92 in 44-40 I bought back in the late 80's, love the gun and use it alot but the round closest to the loading gate always wants to sit cock-eyed. It doesn't make any differance if I load 1 or 11 I have to reach in with the tip of my little finger and straighten the first round. Once thats done it will feed perfect shucking the rest right through. Any ideas on whats wrong.
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Well Pitchy came down yesterday and we played around with the Rossi for awhile. We finally decided I would loose'n up the screw holding the loading gate in and put a little shoe-goo on the threads to make sure it does'nt try to back out. So far so good, no more cases hanging up on the loading gate and feeds great. I would have tried fitting the loading gate but have no knowledge of how to strip a 92 and the way things have been going lately I might have screwed something up. Thanks guys for the imput.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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