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After months of going over many brands of 1911 GI 45's. I walked into a GS and saw a Rock Island GI45. I've read and have talked to many members on various web sites .and read the reviews. The GS ownwer who really wanted to sell me a Springfield model just couldn't say a bad thin about them. He said he sells quite a few RIA 45's and has yet to hear of any problems. This seems to have echoed what others have been saying. Most seem to say it's a great bang for the buck. I know there are plenty of 1911's out there that are a much better pistols but I'm just looking for something like Iused to carry in the service to be used as a range toy and for HD and possibly carried in a saddlebag. I have a PM9 a KTp3at and a Springfield xd9sc of CC,but just wanted a 45 cal 1911 without breaking the bank
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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