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Hello from Scotland-

Well today I finally became a marlin owner and a big bore at that, got me a .444SS 22" Micro groove barrel second hand for $247 including shipping.
Bought it "blind" over the phone didnt see it till i picked it up at my dealer today.

It has bad an adjustable butt pad fitted, a nice job, but the stock has been given a coat of reddish varnish but it looks to be on top of the original i plan to oil finnish both the stock and forend any way.

I must admit its far better than i could of hoped for the metal is perfect except for two hair line scratches on the right side of the receiver. The matt finnished parts look as new ! The blueing is 99.9% only very slight wear on the loading gate.

The wood work has no obvious signs of damage or dings not really any scratches !

All the screw heads are perfect not damaged in any way. I think i got a very good deal i just hope she shoots as good as she looks.

It is my first lever gun and my first Marlin what a cracking little gun. I find it very compact /short even with its 22" barrel so the .444p must be really dinky !

I will be at the range on Sunday for the first firing cant wait ! Will keep you posted, oh yes it was made in 1988 the serial number is 12001412 but it also has a London proof house stamp and date 88

Englander :D

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     I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Once you get that stock refinished you'll have a first class firearm! It sounds like you you got a great deal.
     What are you going to shoot through it? Are you going to try your 310gr cast bullets? What load are you using?            IDShooter

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Congratulations on your new goody.
You know, I really try to be careful with each of my new rifles. I can just plain beat the living heck out of my new rifles while being very careful.
Some times I think I should take the rifle out of the box and pitch it into a gravel pile and get the scratching over with.
The last time I protected my rifle was on a bench rest. I didn't realise that the bolts holding the sand bag on the rest were scratching the forearm everytime the rifle went off. The sand bag was designed for flat bottomed target ot varmit rifle stocks, not rounded lever action stocks. Didn't do much to the wood but really messed up the plastic finish.
Any way good luck, enjoy and keep us filled in on your adventures with this new rifle.
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