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3 grains should be plenty for the .35 Rem. I've used that load. If I have to do it again, I'll probably try some at 2.5gr. just to see what happens.

I'd start with 2 gr. for the .357, and possibly go down a bit, depending on how fast the bullets were exiting and if you were getting leading. 2.5gr. is definitely too much.

1.5gr. works in the .357 - sometimes - in revolvers. Depends on the b/c gap. Of course you don't have this in a rifle so the lower charges may work OK.

For rifles, 20 rounds is a good start and then clean it, slug again, and re-evaluate. A really rough barrel may require a second dose.

For the second dose (if necessary), you can use slightly lighter powder charges because the bore will be smoother and bullets will go down it easier.

Oh and load the HB wadcutters backwards, to prevent any chance of blowing the skirt off and leaving it in the bore.
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