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Howdie from Mississippi

I just read fire lapping for muzzle loaders…great article!
I, too have a similar 58 Hawkin' w/ accuracy & cleaning issues. The barrel is an old Sharron Rifle Works (now Shiloh Rifle Works, Big Timber, MT)…it’s a shallow, fast grove (i in 32" I think) and shoots solids as accurately as patch round balls (and faster to load & carry in hunting situations).

I'm using an old Lee solid base 3 band conical bullet called the "REAL" bullet. The 1st two bands ride the lands (bore) & only the rear band engraved the lands & groves….a WONDERFUL hunting load w/ 90 gr FFF & much easier to load follow ups than TC's Maxi Ball.

QUESTION 1…I already have the mold for casting some #11 lead tire weights (my hunting loads are softer, not quite pure lead). Will this work much like the normal rifle/pistol fire lapping? I can "drill out" the base to modify it if you think that would help.

QUESTION 2 (related a bit to #1)….your rifle lapping article talked about "air rifle velocities" and just enough to push the projectile out of the barrel. I was thinking more on the lines of 20 gr FFF instead of 40. Is "slower" better, esp if I'm using the Lee REAL bullets (no "skirt" to expand).
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