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Mr. Holmes,

The link that was given to our previous discussion on this subject details some very pertinent information on the subject.

I would emphatically implore you to use a lead bullet fire-lapping process rather than a jacketed bullet system for the many reasons detailed in the posts mentioned above.

We have had literally thousands of persons use the lead bullet lapping process with absolutely no problems or complaints.  We also have police tactical units that have fire-lapped their tactical sniper rifles for their entire units!  The CO of one of these units fire-lapped his own personal hunting rifles, then several friends' firearms as well, did before and after accuracy testing, then made the decision to to their tactical rifles.  Other units have followed suit thereafter.

As detailed in the earlier posts that you have been directed to , do be cautious concerning the use of jacketed bullets to lap your new pet rifle...

PLEASE!!! Ask whatever questions you might have here before comitting to your lapping project.

Let us know what you do!

God Bless,

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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