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     I sure wouldn't bother to break it in before you lap it. After all, lapping the bore is going to expose fresh steel anyway. To break in before-hand is to waste components.
      As for the break in procedure itself many variations exist, but all are essentially shoot-clean, REPEAT! The regimen I have used is this; fire one round, clean the bore for five shots; fire two rounds, clean the bore for ten shots (five sets); fire five rounds, clean the bore for 25 shots (five sets). Thereafter clean every ten rounds through the first hundred shots. By clean the bore, I mean absolutely clean- no copper, no powder fouling, NOTHING! I use Barnes cleaner now, but J-B paste is what I used to use. All of my rifles clean up VERY easily now, and I believe it has to do with this break in.
       I did firelap one rifle (a Remington .308 ironically) because it continued to copper foul severely. Firelapping didn't improve accuracy much but that rifle doesn't foul any more and cleans up like a charm.
        By the way, I HATE cleaning and I'm picky about exposure to solvents. Breaking in and/or lapping helps reduce cleaning time in the long run and may aid accuracy too.  Have fun! :biggrin:           ID
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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