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Hi Marshall. I am a novice hand loader who recently purchased a new  Win mod 70 Laredo in 7mm. I wanted break the gun in correctly and fire lap the barrel. What would you suggest?

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Indeed fire-lapping will facilitate not only your break-in process but uniform the bore and remove any constrictions in the barrel.   As an added bonus, once finished the barrel will not have the propensity to copper foul, especially if shooting Barnes X-bullets.

More than likely, 30-40 lap loads will be sufficient.  Be sure to spend the time necessary for the final polishing of the bore as outlined in the Beartooth Bullets Technical Guide.  It will make the difference when it comes to fouling reduction.  A charge of 5.5g of Red Dot or 5.2g Bullseye should make a fine lapping bullet charge for your 7mm Remington Magnum.

If you need complete lapping instructions, go to the Beartooth Bullets Technical Manual and it will give step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

Hope this helps!  Keep us posted on your progress!

God Bless,

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